Leaking Batteries, P0AA6 and P3009

HV Leaks are the worst - first mentioned them here in the FAQ.  They are one of the few failures that can disable the car.  Fortunately, if you have a capable code reader to reset codes, or can disconnect the 12V, you can at least avoid a tow. You will be allowed to finish the drive during which the leak is detected, but the car will be disabled when you power it off.

We have recently experienced a dramatic rise in the number of leaking batteries, while it is still heavily favoring the 2008+ models, there has been a marked increase in 2006 and especially 2007 models.

As a result, we will be applying our 2008+ policy on leaking batteries to all years.

This business only works because we are able to recycle customer failed core batteries, recondition them and supply them to future customers.  We have made a decision to NOT put leaking packs back into circulation. As a result, if you have a leak code traceable to the battery, your pack will be disposed of, and you will be charged a $600 core fee. We will still collect your battery in order to take it out of circulation.

Simply put, if a customer core battery is not usable for future customers, we take a complete loss on the installation of a reconditioned pack.  This happens from time to time and is the nature of the business. While that can't be predicted, a leak can - it's a death sentence for a pack. We don't have a magical source for packs. If you've looked around, packs from salvage yards cost about $1000.  That's about what we pay for the packs we use as sources for modules we replace in the reconditioning process.

Should you choose to purchase a NEW battery, there will be no core charge as it's going straight to Toyota as a core.

We apologize for this inconvenience.