My battery is BARELY out of warranty. Why won't Toyota cover it?

Well, if the dealer is telling you that, it's because they likely make a little less money on a warranty and aren't motivated to go out of their way to help you.  That is not fact.  It's speculation on my part.  What does seem factual is that MOST dealers or at least the first-contact service people aren't interested in providing value for the customer.

As much as I enjoy reconditioning batteries and providing value for customers, I can't sit here and tell you my reconditions are as good as a brand-spanking new battery from Toyota. To that end, a new battery... under warranty or a "goodwill warranty" from Toyota may be your best value.

If your car is only slightly out of the 8 year/100,000 mile warranty in AZ, then you might get some consideration from Toyota Corporate, particularly if you are the original owner and are only over one of the criteria.  Still inside 8 years, but only 105K miles?  Only 4 months out of warranty, but 90K miles?  A little out on both?

It's worth a call!

800-331-4331, option 4

Things that will work to your advantage:

  1. Original owner
  2. Car has had other problems that haven't been covered
  3. "We are a Toyota family"

Be polite, be respectful, but be insistent.  I have had two potential customers get new batteries for less than $1500.  Well, technically, they aren't my customers, but I helped them get the best value available to them. :)

EDIT:  Yet another!  You can read his account in our Google Reviews!