Phoenix Hybrid Batteries is proud to offer specialized services for common Prius-specific issues. These are generally only offered in conjunction with HV battery replacement. If you need any of these services, please call as we can recommend a fantastic shop in Tempe.

A $3/full $100 credit card surcharge applies.

12V Battery Replacement

Even though the Prius doesn't use its 12V battery to crank a starter, Phoenix heat is hard on them.  Sure, they last a good deal longer than "standard" batteries, but if it's more than 3 years old, and you've had some unexplained behavior, it may be time for a new one. NOTE: we only install Yuasa made Toyota batteries. All other options represent a significantly lower value compared to the 2 year free replacement + 5 year prorated warranty. We're still pulling original batteries after 10+ years!


Combination Meter

WHY IS MY DASH COMPLETELY DEAD!? Unfortunately, the Prius is prone to combination meter failure (no dash lights and tricky to power off the car - must press and hold power off).  Most years are out of the extended warranty program, so you're faced with a salvage unit (no guarantee and wrong odometer) or a new dealer unit (OUCH! $$$).  We have partnered with Texas Hybrid Batteries and offer their repaired combination meters with lifetime warranty AND the correct mileage programmed into your odometer. NOTE: entire dash has to be removed. Air vent assemblies are brittle and frequently break. We do not cover costs to replace broken air vent assemblies.


$150 DIY (recommended)

Either way you're getting the product from Texas Hybrid Batteries

Light Tune Up

The Prius is sneaky. They are extremely reliable.  People get lulled into believing they are bullet proof.  Not quite.  The Atkinson cycle engine is prone to an accumulation of carbon in the throttle body and MAF sensor. The computer can compensate for quite a bit, but eventually, it hits its limits and it runs a little rough, loses efficiency or generates "Failed to Start" codes and fails to start! Spark plugs seem to last forever too (they don't). The Tune Up service includes cleaning the throttle body, MAF sensor, replacing the air filter and spark plugs - everything the gas engine needs to ensure optimal efficiency! If portions of this work aren't necessary, it will be discounted accordingly.


Code: P0A93. An Inverter coolant pump failure is one of the few failures of the hybrid system that can force the car to turn off.  A/C stops working moments before, and then all the alarms go off - red triangle, etc.

The Inverter has overheated and shuts down forcing the car to shut down as well.  After 10-15 minutes, the Inverter may have cooled to the point that you can drive again, but you may be shutting down again any moment. The inverter coolant pump circulates coolant between the inverter and a dedicated radiator to keep the inverter in the operational range. P/N G9020-47031 Replace with factory new:


Inverter Coolant Pump Replacement

Code: P1121. The 3 way coolant valve that regulates the coolant flow to the storage tank can fail.  You get a brand new part from Toyota at half the price the dealer charges. P/N 1667021010



3 Way Coolant Valve Replacement

NOTE: All services when combined with a battery install get the discounted price.  Without a HV Battery Install, The first service is the standalone price and subsequent services performed during the same visit get the "with HV Battery Install" price. All prices subject to change without notification.