Do You Work on Other Hybrids?

Here at Phoenix Hybrid Batteries, we have five hybrids.  It runs in our blood.  In addition to the Gen2 Prius, we have a Gen1 running a conversion pack (Gen2 modules installed), a 2nd Generation Honda Civic Hybrid and two of the 1st generation Honda Insights.

While Our principal focus is the 2004-2009 Toyota Prius, we can also work on other models.


We do not stock 2007-2009 Camry packs, and the few we've evaluated have shown substantial deterioration. It appears the Camry is VERY hard on its battery, and reconditioning at the higher mileages is a losing proposition. We can provide you with options including a new pack for FAR less than the dealer charges.  If you locate a battery, we will install it for $200.


We do not work on Altima packs. They are essentially the same as a Camry pack, and they are just as hard on them. They eat them. We had the opportunity to test one, and it was severely degraded with essentially no response to reconditioning. We can't offer new packs either because Nissan is incredibly proud of their packs (made by Toyota).  If you locate a battery, we will install it for $200.

Lexus GS 450h

This is a tough one. The GS 450h has an overheating problem.  If your pack has been replaced and the HV ECU updated, then there should be no issue.  If your HV ECU has not been updated and you get the overheat code, P0A7F, your battery is cooked, and rebuilding or reconditioning is not an option as your pack is effectively destroyed. The modules have been damaged by the heat, and they are only suitable for recycling.

We can conduct an in-depth evaluation.  Due to the time and labor involved, there is a non-refundable charge of $400.  This entails making an assessment of all 40 modules in your pack.  IF we determine that we can rebuild your pack, the $400 is applied towards the cost of reconditioning, and you only pay the price below. If your core is not recoverable, we will not be able to help you.

If we determine we can rebuild your pack, we do not stock Lexus packs, but we can rebuild it with matched modules at our shop and install 2-3 days later for $2,200 with 12 month repair warranty.


Unfortunately, reliable used sticks that perform well after reconditioning are in short supply for the Honda hybrid systems.  New sticks can be purchased from Chinese suppliers; however, they have different characteristics and don't function optimally when paired with original Honda sticks.  However, when a pack is built from all new Chinese made sticks with the proper Quality Control in place, they can perform better than the Honda sticks.

We install Bumblebee Batteries when it comes time to replace your Honda hybrid battery pack. We have complete confidence in their incoming quality testing, sorting and matching process.  It is second to none.  They build a high quality pack at a very reasonable price and stand behind their product. You can't go wrong with Bumblebee's 36 month warranty.

If you can tolerate their wait, Bumblebee is the only organization that builds quality reconditioned packs for a reasonable price with a 12 month warranty.

For marginal packs, we can install the Hybrid Automotive Prolong Reconditioning Package. We charge their retail price plus tax and a small installation fee, but you save on shipping. This will give you a tool to do your own battery maintenance.  The Honda hybrid community has been grid charging their Honda hybrid batteries for several years with great success.  However, there are no guarantees that this will work with your pack.

Note that any price or service referenced may change at any time without notice