What's up with my 2008 and the P0AA6 Code?

We collaborate with other organizations doing similar work in other regions. We have received more P0AA6 than other regions by a factor of 4.  The problem is MUCH more common on the 2008 model year accounting for 80% of them.

We have concluded that a manufacturing defect for the 2008 model year exists where some have a tendency to leak more often than others in the harsh Phoenix heat.

One of our few warranty claims has come from a pack that was taken out of service for a P0AA6 code.  The offending module was replaced, and the pack was reconditioned with other replacements made due to performance.  This pack tested exceptionally well and was installed in a new customer's car. The pack performed fine for 5 months until it triggered a P0AA6.

Subsequent to that failure, we took in another 2008 pack with a P0AA6. After testing, the pack developed 4 more leaking modules.

This business only works because we are able to take customer failed core batteries, recondition them and supply them to future customers.  We have made a decision to NOT put 2008 P0AA6 packs back into circulation. As a result, if you have a 2008 with a P0AA6, your pack will be disposed of, and you will be charged a $600 core fee. We will still collect your battery in order to take it out of circulation. It will be turned into Toyota for recycling.

Simply put, if a customer core battery is not usable for future customers, we take a complete loss on the installation of a reconditioned pack.  This happens from time to time and is the nature of the business. While that can't be predicted, a P0AA6 leak on a 2008 can - it's a death sentence for a pack. We don't have a magical source for packs. If you've looked around, packs from salvage yards cost about $1000.  That's about what we pay for the packs we use as sources for modules we replace in the reconditioning process.

Should you choose to purchase a NEW battery, there will be no core charge as it's going straight to Toyota.

We apologize for this inconvenience.